Workout Wednesday 8 January

Starting out slowly

Do something every day

While I am on the road to recovery, am trying to keep as active as possible. Spending time on the airdyne will only get me so far so, am trying to do a heavily modified strength and conditioning programme to keep me in the best shape possible over the next few months.

Working out around an injury is possible and beneficial as long as you are sensible about it. The workouts I am doing are modified to account for my inability to weight bear on my left leg. All of the weights I’m using have been dialled back, so I reduce the risk of additional injuries. All lower body exercises focus on movement, flexibility and not losing what I have in the way of muscle. Upper body I have fewer limitations but still need to modify exercises to make sure I am not putting additional strain on my lower body.

I aim to get in some kind of movement every day.

Starting out slowly

This week is my first week back to every day general movement and working out after my recent knee surgery. Cabin fever has truly taken hold in the last few days, so I have been chomping at the bit to get back in the gym and start doing something.

To start building my fitness back up, I am making my nemesis AKA the airdyne, my new best friend. I can set myself up nicely so I have no weight on my left leg at all while using my seems and right leg to get a decent sweat going.

While I would like to convince myself I have bounced back from surgery, I know by my energy levels and the number of naps required across the day I am not back to 100 per cent yet.

Workout of the week

This plain and boring workout was as follows

  • 5 minutes warm-up @ 25 per cent of max RPM.
  • 20 minutes working @ 60 per cent of max RPM.
  • 5 minutes cool down @ 10 per cent of max RPM.

Post-workout stretches and recovery

  • Right leg hamstring stretch.
  • Right leg quad stretch.
  • Achilles stretches right and left leg.
There is a knee in there somewhere


I share my workouts to show what I do, not to tell you what to do.

I post my workouts with a percentage of my max rather than stating what weights or speeds I use. Everyone is different and has different levels of fitness and capability. Your body is yours alone if you want to start working out, I recommend spending some time with a personal trainer who can put you on the right path.

When working out with weights, remember your 1 rep max is yours alone, finding the weights that are right for you is important. If you decide to try out a  workout, find out what weights you should be using first.

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