Breakfast recipes

Frittata with tomato and spinach

This frittata with tomato and spinach is a quick and easy recipe that takes minutes to prepare and can be served hot or cold.

Chorizo chilli eggs

Eggs have to be one of the best ingredients you can find in your kitchen. I don’t think they should be breakfast only food; they are an anytime food.

Breakfast crunch

This is another recipe that was born from my inability to eat nuts, if you want something for breakfast that isn’t eggs and bacon, this is a great option.

Chocolate waffles

Chocolate waffles are an excellent way to give the kids a little treat while still getting lots of good stuff into them, usually without them realising.

Paleo pancakes

I love pancakes, always have, always will. While traditional pancakes are amazing, the wheat flour doesn’t agree with me. These pancakes are packed with yumminess without any nastiness. These are Paleo-style pancakes that are very easy to make and taste great. ⁠

Fried potatoes

Spicy sweet potatoes with perfectly poached eggs to make a perfect brunch. This recipe is my take on Fried potatoes that we had years ago at an amazing cafe in Thames called Café Melbourne.

Lunch and Dinner

One pot sausage stew

It has been a crazy week; I’ve been bouncing around all over the place with no time to sort out my life. After a frantic week with no desire to eat another portion of chilli and even less desire to go shopping, it was time to get creative.

Beef and onions

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite slow cooker meals because it is so tasty. There is something so satisfying to put dinner in the slow cooker in the morning and come home to a perfectly cooked meal that just needs to be plated up.

Chicken cranberry salad

We hadn’t planned to be home so fridge raid was in order .I had some sour cream on its way out so I wanted to come up with a way to use it up.

Reuben slaw

I’m a fan of the Reuben Sandwich, I love the flavours and would happily fall off the no grain wagon to snarf a grilled Reuben Sandwich. As I try my best not to fall off the wagon coming up with alternatives seems like the best approach.

One tray steak fajitas

This recipe was born from a need to take a little break from tacos. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against tacos, I love them, but we have been eating a lot of tacos recently so I thought a little change would do us some good.

Lemon chicken burgers

In the last half of 2019, we had a hectic time, the only night on the workweek we had a home with no classes or chores to do. The mass amount of activity and varied nutritional needs meant I needed to get creative to keep everyone happy. I made a few staples to have in the freezer that could be taken out in the morning or thawed in the afternoon to prepare for a quick and healthy meal. These burgers have been one of the firm favourites for weeknight dinners after Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and they are also a firm favourite on the weekends.

Taco style salad

Not long ago if I had suggested we have a salad for dinner, that suggestion would have been met with grumbles, groans and complaints. Thankfully that is no longer the case. The first time I made this salad for dinner, I did get the grumbles and groans, then the kids tried some.

Salad roll-ups

It’s another one of those moments; it could be madness or genius, turning the salad roll inside out and removing the need for an actual wrap, wheat or otherwise.

Curry chicken wraps

Not long ago, I was working on this recipe. I mixed up a batch of the curried chicken ready for the wraps when a not so little head popped around my elbow and asked ‘What’s that? It smells nice’

Chicken, bacon and mushroom pie

Who ate all the pies?

Jaime. It was Jaime that ate all the pies.

Not that he looks like someone that eats all the pies (or the chocolate bars but that is a different story). I don’t know where his love of pies comes from, it could be an English thing. I always hated pies, I remember the ones you could get from a bakery. They would sit all day in the heated food cabinet alongside sausage rolls.

One tray Thai salmon

I love all things spicy, the more chilli, the better if you ask me, this salmon has a beautiful balance of spice and sweetness. The vegetables add a perfect crunch and freshness to the salmon.

One tray sausage and apple bake

This week’s recipe is for a sausage and apple bake. Pork and apple are a match made in heaven so I didn’t reinvent the wheel with this one.

Moroccan chicken bake

I like to have something a little bit special for dinner but don’t like the effort usually to make a fancy dinner. This recipe is the solution to the problem.

White chilli

We eat a lot of chilli, that isn’t an exaggeration, we have chilli almost every day.
It might sound repetitive, but it works for us. Red chilli is a great freezer option that we have spent more of the year eating chilli for lunch and easy week night meals.
Every now and then it is nice to have something a little bit different.

Teriyaki steak bowl

Making the most of leftovers this week. Normally I smash together a quick frittata or an egg scramble with leftovers. This was rare, cauliflower rice sitting in there with some tasty steak, it seemed wrong to do something so bland with such amazing ingredients.

One tray chicken fajitas

When we are in the mood for Mexican food, this is my go-to recipe. This recipe takes a few minutes to prepare and cooks quickly. For me, the best part is the ability to eat the rainbow; the mix of peppers always looks fantastic.

One tray mini meatloaf

I’m sure some people will say they don’t like meatloaf, like most meals if you are forced to eat it every week as a child you wouldn’t want to eat it as an adult. Generally speaking, meatloaf goes down well in our house, if you can wrap meat in another meat, it goes down well.

One tray Cajun prawns

I have been on a mission this year to make simple but tasty meals. The aim was to create recipes that can be prepared and cooked quickly on a busy weeknight.
We all struggle to make healthy and tasty meals while keeping on top of everything else in life.

Squid and pepper salad

Squid is one of those foods that people either love or hate. I think squid is excellent, when cooked correctly it has an interesting (in a good way) texture and a taste that works well with big strong flavours.

Taco cupcakes

Possibly the most stupid question I can ask. The answer is always the same – YES!!!! The response to the question ‘who wants to try a new kind of taco?’


Lemon curd

I got my hands on some beautiful lemons that are locally grown and perfectly ripe. There were so many I thought it would be rude not to make something absolutely delicious.

Easy custard

There is nothing better on a cold night than a warm desert with a generous helping of custard.


Having a nut allergy means missing out on many experiences, biscotti in Italy is one of them. This recipe is my nut free take on traditional biscotti.

Protein cheesecake

Every now and then my partner in crime comes to me with a recipe he likes the sound of and asks if there is a way to make a clean eating version, this recipe comes from one of those requests.

Gingernut cookies

This recipe is my take on the traditional gingernut, it is gluten-free but still has all the flavour and crunch.

Primal fudge

Fudge, yes it is an excellent replacement word when you are around the kids, but I have another fudge alternative for you to enjoy.

Carrot cake bars

I don’t like chocolate. The prospect of chocolate floating around isn’t that appealing, so I wanted to make something that was Easter themed that I actually want to eat.

Strawberry balsamic sauce

I have a few cups of strawberries in the freezer and the last of the berries off the garden. To make the most of the final berries I am making this strawberry balsamic sauce to capture the taste of summer.

Small vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing

Vanilla cupcakes

This is my grain-free vanilla cupcakes with sugar-free frosting. The cake is soft and airy which gives these cupcakes a real cake texture and taste without any sugar or grains.

Chocolate Drops

If you are looking for a sweet treat that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty this could be the treat for you. The combination of chocolate, seeds and berries is perfect. You can make these up and keep them in the fridge (if they last that long) so you have a treat on hand when you need one.

Christmas fruit cake

What would Christmas be without some fruit cake. This fruit cake is moist and full of fruit (and a little rum).

Banana and coconut cookies

This recipe is quick and easy to make, and the options of what you can add into them are unlimited.

Sides, snacks and drinks

Egg wraps

Egg wraps are a great option for breakfast lunch and dinner; you get to replace your standard wrap which is made with grains and chemicals with something that is just protein and healthy fats.


You may have already figured out that meat is a huge deal in our house; our family motto may need to be meat with everything. Protein rich snacks are a firm favourite for everyone including the cat.

Avocado tuna melts

Every week it is the same request for a tuna cheese melts. I don’t have any issues with tuna for lunch; but I do get bored tuna in the fridge.

Quick bread

Bread is a funny thing. It is one of the very few foods that I know does not agree with me that I still crave regularly, I try my very best to avoid it, but some meals just feel incomplete without it.
Burgers are one of those meals. I love a salad bun, but sometimes I want a burger bun.

Kombucha tea

I don’t profess to know the origins of Kombucha, there any many theories about who came up with it, to be honest I don’t mind who invented it, I’m just interested in the benefits it offers.
So you may be asking yourself, what is Kombucha?

Kale chips

I like Kale, but it was not on the family favourite list until a few years ago, a lovely little boy asked one weekend if he could show me how to make kale chips since then it has been in the fridge a lot.

Seed crackers

These seed crackers are the perfect replacement for the traditional crackers.

Sun butter

Nut butters are on the list of things I don’t get to eat. Making my own sunflower seed butter is the best compromise I can think of.