General posts

Workout Wednesday 29 January

While my capacity is improving weekly from working out, I’m starting to feel the strain of being stuck on crutches for so long. Over the long weekend, I pushed myself a bit more than I should have, lots of time on my feet (or foot and crutches), and a monster mooch around in Whangarei left me feeling exhausted.

Workout Wednesday 22 January

My general fitness is continuing to improve, so now I just have to manage my rest and recovery to ensure I don’t overdo it when I workout.

Workout Wednesday 8 January

While I am on the road to recovery, am trying to keep as active as possible. Spending time on the airdyne will only get me so far so, am trying to do a heavily modified strength and conditioning programme to keep me in the best shape possible over the next few months.

Fight Club

Welcome to fight club

It isn’t what you think, honest.
Fight club is all about getting us away from our desks, out of the office and getting moving for 15-20 minutes, we don’t have any equipment or special gear, we just make use of the space we have.

Strength Training

End of the year

You may have noticed I’ve been a little bit quiet on my blog and social media recently. That is because life has become somewhat unusual in the last two months.

2016 goals

Happy New Year!!!!
I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions, I prefer to set myself goals for the year, I like having something to work towards, and the start of a new year brings the time to set my goals.