Making clean eating easy.

What we are all about

I’m on a mission to make clean eating as easy and sustainable as possible.

  • Eat real food
  • Try not to eat sugar
  • Try not to eat processed foods
  • Know where your food comes from
  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Stop eating before you are full
  • Move every day
  • Remember it is impossible to be perfect

Who are we

I’m Cath, and this is Jay. He is a foodaholic and the reason I’m one too.

Partners in crime at the beautiful Huka Falls

I have always enjoyed cooking and have fond memories of being in the kitchen when I was little. For years I loved being in the kitchen, making and trying new things. I love fresh fruits and vegetables; when I was little, I would take an apple over sweets any day. I was never fond of meat when I was little and was a vegetarian for about seven years.

In my late teens, I got sick, while I was sick, I lost my love of food, and I ended up with a negative relationship with food.
For a long time, I ate because I had to not because I wanted to. When I met Jay, I was eating one meal a day and living on coffee. For a man who organises his day around what, when and where to eat my lack of interest in food was alien.
His love of food was contagious. It wasn’t long before my relationship with food started to change. Let’s be honest you can’t spend your time around someone who loves to eat and not have that rub off on you.
I started to get excited about food and playing with new recipes.

The kids – wish they were this small now!

We decided to give a paleo diet a go in 2013, it worked well for us, but we wanted something that had more flexibility and fit with what worked and didn’t work for each of us. Call it paleo, primal or keto – we call it clean eating. We eat real food and try to avoid processed foods and sugar. I love taking simple ingredients and turning them into healthy and tasty meals for the family to enjoy.

Button – AKA the boss of our house

This blog

This blog is where I share the recipes I have created or adapted that have worked, and my family have enjoyed. I am not a chef or a professional recipe developer. All of my recipes are based on personal tastes and the ingredients available in my region (New Zealand). I use products that fit with what works for my family.