End of the year

Quiet on the blog front

You may have noticed I’ve been a little bit quiet on my blog and social media recently. That is because life has become somewhat unusual in the last two months.

Not the ideal end to the year

It has been a funny year; work has been stupidly busy; my project manager life has overtaken my real life more than liked. While work took over, the rest of my life has either ticked over or stopped completely. Until a few weeks ago, I expected the end of the year to fly up and smack me in the face while I scrambled around wondering what happened. That isn’t my expectation anymore.


In an effort to maintain my sanity, I’ve stuck with my daily 5 a.m. workout. During a workout at the end of September, I made one little mistake and apparently changed the course of the year. One leg in the wrong place in the middle of a movement and POP something in my knee gave out. The immediate swelling and pins and needles were the first clue something wasn’t quite right.

Apple a day did nothing

Usually would give an injury a week to settle before I went to a doctor. In this instance didn’t last the week. My knee was hurting so much I was at the doctor four days later. One painful exam later, I was sent off to an x-ray and MRI. The x-ray was all clear, but the MRI had a different story to tell. The short version of the story is a grade 2 tear off the lateral collateral ligament and damage to the nerve that controls my left foot. Go me!

Different Kind of wrapping this Christmas

A few weeks waiting and two specialists later l went under the knife a few days ago to have my lateral collateral ligament reconstructed and the nerve in my leg released. Everything appears to have gone well; now, I have the long road to recovery ahead of me. Life on crutches for the next eight weeks might be the easier thing to deal with.

My leg is all wrapped up for Christmas, my fluffy friend is taking care of me.
My leg is all wrapped up for Christmas, my fluffy friend is taking care of me.

Keeping active

In the run-up to surgery I have done that what I can keep active, I’ve swapped out heavy weight lifting for more time on the airdyne. As hard as it is to keep active when you are in pain know the more mobility you can maintain the better recovery will be from injury and hopefully faster.

The balance between rest and activity isn’t something I have been good at so far; it is something I need to work on.

I’m giving myself seven days to rest after my surgery, after that I aim to get back in the gym to get my upper body, abs and right leg moving as much as possible.

I’ve read heaps about the benefits of being active when recovering from surgery, so I intend to put the theory into practice.

I’m going to take a little break from my blog and social media while I rest up but will be hopping into 2020 with some set goals for recovery, wellbeing, resilience and progress.

Wishing you all a Happy Healthy Christmas and New Year, see you all in 2020.

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