How to Care for a Chopping Board

Wooden chopping board
Wooden chopping board

Basic kitchen skills caring for a chopping board

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking to learn new skills that make life easy in the kitchen. Sharing is caring so I’m sharing my little tips, tricks and hacks with you.

While taking good care of your knives is important, taking good care of your chopping boards and surfaces are just as important. 

The first step in caring for your chopping board is to wash it regularly, wash it with soap and water after every use, it does not matter what your board is made of, you should not need to soak your chopping board in water. 

Different chopping boards will require different care; it will all depend on what your board is made of. 

Here’s what you need to know for each type of cutting surface: 

Wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks 

Clean after every use with dish soap and water. Once a month you can give the board a deeper clean with lemon and salt, or baking soda and water. 

Cut a lemon in half and add some salt to the lemon and scrub the board, rinse with hot water and let it dry. 



Clean the board with hot water then scrub the board with baking soda then rinse it again. 

To keep your board in top condition you can rub it down with a fine grit sandpaper to remove any nicks or deeper cuts on the board. 

Plastic chopping boards 

Plastic chopping board
Plastic chopping board

Generally, plastic boards don’t require special care, a good clean after every use with soap and hot water. 

When you have used the board to chop strongly flavoured foods (like onion or garlic) or foods that stain (like beetroot) you can scrub the board down and let it dry. 

Lots of plastic boards are dishwasher safe so you can put your board in the dishwasher to sanitise it, be sure to check your board has the safe washer mark first. 

Glass, marble and other hard surfaces 

Firstly I will say that glass and marble surfaces are very hard on your knives so I would not recommend them as chopping boards. 

If you do have a marble, glass, or other hard cutting surfaces, then soap and hot water will do the trick, and a bleach solution (1% bleach) to sanitise. 

No matter what chopping board or surface you have it should not take long to clean, regular cleaning will keep it in good condition for years. 

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