Welcome to fight club

Don’t worry it is not the kind of fight club you are thinking of, it is just what we call our lunch time workouts, thankfully there is no blood (yet) but there is plenty of sweat and tears (usually from the laughing).

Fight club is all about getting us away from our desks, out of the office and getting moving for 15-20 minutes, we don’t have any equipment or special gear, we just make use of the space we have.

The general idea is to go hard and push a little bit further every time.  We aim for 3 sessions a week as a minimum and 5 at a maximum.  Our workouts are usually high-intensity interval training sessions; we throw in something different like sprints or ladders every now and then to keep things interesting.

Welcome to fight club

We have a few rules a fight club

  • Go hard. You only cheat yourself if you don’t
  • Stop before you puke. This is usually a good sign you are going too hard or you ate too much before you came to fight club.
  • Learn to love the suck. The suck is your friend and means you are doing it right (see rule one).
  • Every day is ab day. It is easy to remember and awesome when you start to see the change for yourself.

Each week I will be posting a summary of our fight club workouts if you are looking for something to do or workouts to use for your own fight club you can use our fight club for inspiration.

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